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Update on Adam!

Hi Everyone! Do you all remember Adam? We had a benefit for him back in September and we have some good news about him. Read our interview below to find out:)

DPL- What is the status of your Cancer?

Adam- As of my most recent tests, my tumor markers are at zero and my scans show that any residual tumors are still reducing in size. So there is no indication of live cancer going on in my body. From what my doctors tell me this is a good sign that I am cured, but I won't get the full bill of health for another 4 years till I get the official okay.

DPL- Do you have plans for more tattoos?

Adam- Yes, I have had plans for a long time to get a back piece (hopefully by Geoff), but that is a project that will wait. My other plan which will be done sooner will help me fill in my American traditional sleeve. I want to get a crab with a hammer cracking it and a banner reading "It's only heavy if you make it heavy". A crab because it is the sign of cancer and the saying is what I told myself when lifting weights that transferred over pretty well to dealing with difficult situations.

DPL- What are the tattoos you have now and who are they from?

Adam- I have my Polynesian sleeve and most of my American traditional work done by Geoff, a chef's knife done by Geoff, my family shield done by Pete, and a Hannya mask done by Dustin.

DPL- We know you like to stay fit, what are some differences that you are doing now in the gym compared to pre cancer?

Adam- I have mainly been stuck doing workouts at home without any gym equipment. So a lot of bodyweight movements and assistance exercises. I recently got a stationary bike and some gymnastic rings at my apartment which have helped expand what I can do. During my treatments when I was able to get to the gym I did as much as I could. So I made attempts at lifting heavy weights really just to prove to myself that I could still do it and not just to get a good workout in. When I was first diagnosed and went through my first treatment I lost a lot of my strength and energy where it was difficult for me to walk farther than 5 feet.

DPL-What is something you learned from this experience?

Adam- After going through everything I learned 1) don't take your health for granted, because it can be gone in an instant and 2) people can be amazed at what kind of support system they have out there. I am not the kind of guy to ask for help and when I got sick people came out of the woodwork to help Megan and I. To which I am eternally grateful. That is why I want to make sure I pay that forward the best I can.

DPL- Do you have any life advice for everyone out there who needs to hear something positive?

Adam- When Megan and I had to drop everything in our lives and move to NYC to undergo my high dose chemotherapy it meant that we both would be out of work and still have to pay all our bills. I could not even begin to think of how we were going to handle that kind of situation. It was soul crushing. But then Megan turned to me and said "We are about to go on a 3 month vacation". So we bought Hawaiian shirts, tiki cups and went to NYC to start my treatments. We got some weird looks at first but each trip to the hospital was another day on the beach where all we worried about was watching some trash TV and hanging out with each other. Letting all the other troubles of the world wash away. It helped make the time pass and made the situation much easier to handle. I would recommend to anyone now

right to focus on the positive things they have in their life, because all the negatives right now are temporary and they can't control. But the positive things they can control and those are the things that matter.

DPL- What are you up to now? Tell us about your business. Are you delivering food?

Adam- Right now I am working a lot on Food Therapy. Fortunately we are still able to operate. We did take a hit in sales and had to let go some of our part time staff, but we are still able to deliver food to as many people as we can. Megan has been a great help to me as well with marketing for the business. To help accommodate deliveries Food Therapy is offering free delivery for orders over $75 and expanded our delivery range. We also started a promotion to give medical workers and first responders 20% off their orders for this month. People can check out our website ( or our follow us on Instagram @foodtherapyppn

Thank you so much Adam, we are super stoked to hear this news and looking forward to seeing and tattooing you!

Tattooed by Dustin!

Tattooed by Geoff!

Tattooed by Geoff!

Tattooed by Geoff!

Tattooed by Geoff!

Tattooed by Geoff!

Tattooed by Pete!

Tattooed by Geoff!


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